As I am sitting here on the gorgeous north coast of Ibiza in Spain, I’m amazed by the natural wonders. The arid mountains, rocky cliffs, and crystal blue Mediterranean Sea. As much as I am in awe of the beauty around me, I have searched for ways to feel more beautiful and be kinder to my hair without spending precious time away from the warm weather.

Looking your best this summer doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours fussing with your hair to prevent sun damage. It’s quite dry here in Spain and my naturally curly, highly processed hair (chemically lightened) does not look runway ready for sure. My answer to this is, “don’t fight it!”

Some other climates have humidity challenges (aka “Frizzy Crazy Big Hair!) so you need to combat the moisture attack while protecting from the sun’s strong rays there are products and styles that can work great for you this summer if you follow these five tips for gorgeous hair.


Blonde waves1. Professional Shampoo. Give your hair a jump start with a healthy breakfast (shampoo)! Make sure you are using a professional level product that is free of hair dehydrating salts and other fillers that drugstore brands use as some of their number one ingredients.

There’s a reason the product is inexpensive…they are filled with inferior products that end up costing you twice as much for half the results! Have a salon professional guide you to the right pro product for your hair type. Blondes need extra protection from chlorine, color-treated hair needs sunscreen and dehydrated hair needs moisture.

A trained stylist can analyze your hair and recommend the best cleanser for you. All of AG’s Shampoos will protect your hair from losing its color, but the AG Refuel shampoo bonds keratin to brittle hair damaged by UV rays and other environmental factors leaving the hair smoother and shinier.


ag-texture2. Professional Conditioner. Conditioners won’t weigh your hair down, unless you want them to. The right conditioner for your hair type will keep the hair equalized and moisturized, free tangles and give it some bounce or smooth and control the curl.

Good conditioners also help protect the hair from environmental factors like sun, heat, and chemicals. Chemically treated hair (think color, highlights, Brazilian blow outs, perms) has compromised protein. It’s important to make sure your conditioner has protein in it to add strength and moisture back to the protein depleted hair. Avoid conditioners with silicones that just coat the hair. This will result in limp hair that won’t do what you want it to!

Professionally recommended and guaranteed products are a much more cost effective way of tackling hair care needs than a do-it-yourself method at a pharmacy or mall. Moroccan Oil Masques are power players in this category, as well as the AG’s newest Cleansing Cream, a no lather, moisture enriching shampoo and conditioner.

A great hack I use in all climates is to put regular conditioner in my hair like a styling aid and leave it in while outside. It will lock out or lock in the moisture, depending on the climate. If you’re traveling, grab a hotel conditioner for your beach bag and use throughout the day to restyle your locks.


 3. Get a professional haircut. A great haircut grows out well and adds bounce and shape back into the hair especially after over exposure to the sun, wind and surf. When layers are too grown out or the ends are damaged, it’s difficult for even the most talented professional to make the hair look great.



wave4. Use products that work with the elements. AG’s Conditioning Mist is summertime must have because it contains PABA free sunscreen which protects your hair and scalp from UV rays. A sunburned scalp is no fun… Pureology’s Colour Max spray is another great go to product for protection and repair.

If you have curly hair but want it smooth, make sure you’re using professional products which lock out environmental moisture, are humidity resistant and protect from thermal damage. If you are going to be near water, forget the smooth look and give your hair a break from the flat iron! Use products that encourage curl!

Try styling aids like detailing creams and curl activators that can retain curl with some hold factor. Products like AG’s Beach Bomb are specifically formulated to add moisture for holding your gorgeous curls and waves all day long. Wella’s Sugar Lift or AG’s Sea Spray are wonderful for encouraging those beachy looks.


Beach waves

5.  Play with it! Have some fun with your summer style. Use a fresh flower tucked behind your ear, sweep your hair back into a slick pony, or flaunt the beachy tousled look. Depending on the activity, choose a style that will work easily with what you’re planning for the day. Cute braids hanging out of a baseball cap are great for a game. An easy side messy bun is perfect for a wedding or night out. Have some Moroccan Oil on hand to smooth Stock up on good hair ties, bobby pins, sassy accessories, and a really fantastic travel size pro hair spray. Sebastian Shaper spray is ah-mazing and can be layered without every getting sticky.


Taking good care of your hair everyday is the first step to gorgeous summer hair. Hair that is in good health will take better direction from you! Try not to fight the dryness or the humidity, but make it work for you. Most of all, have fun with these sexy five pro tips for gorgeous summer hair!